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Planet Celadon: The Rockette Odyssey (2020) is a continuation of Quick's Planet Celadon series. In these works, she employs the traditional celadon ceramic glaze, widespread throughout East Asia, as the framework for a fantastical narrative for Asian American diasporic identity. In exaggerating ideas of alienness, futurity, and tradition, she explores alternative forms of communication to address the challenges of communication globally and intergalactically. In this new video, the narrative playfully chronicles the voyage of the Celadonians to Earth aboard the Rockette Ship, a meteorite-like vessel, that is accompanied by the Rockettes, dancing meteorites. Quick uses the screen as a container for worlds, both imaginative and real, and as a device for communication.

Full version currently in Unpredictable, Art At a Time Like This
Art In A Time Like This
Curated by Barbara Pollack and Anne Verhallen

Planet Celadon: The Rockette Odyssey
single-channel video
TRT 5:03, excerpt 1:58