Genevieve Quick
Death Valley Death ValleyDeath ValleyVertical Panorama: Zabriskie Point (stills)Vertical Panorama: Zabriskie PointVertical Panorama: Zabriskie PointVertigram Sets 1 and 2Installation viewInstallation viewinstallation view
Vertical Vistas
Vertical Vistas contrasts the horizontality in conventional landscape, which orients imagery through left and right pans, or wide angle panoramas. The sculpture, photography, and video in this exhibition scan the landscape vertically: in regards to ground, horizon, and sky. Operating sculpturally and functionally, Vertigraphy in 90 degrees; is fabricated from styrene, foam core, and lenses. Much like two large format cameras adjoined at 90 degrees, the apparatus was used in Death Valley to create the accompanying Vertigrams in the show.